Mistakes to Avoid for an Improved Kitchen Space

The way your kitchen looks says a lot about you, your kitchen is supposed to be your sacred space, and every single detail about it should be perfect because you deserve to have the perfect cooking space. Once there is even the slightest mistake in your kitchen, that would make you feel so uncomfortable and you won’t be able to work properly, and that is why every single detail is supposed to be perfect and well done. Having the perfect kitchen is everyone’s dream, and we seek perfection when it comes to that part, trying to get the right interior designs and kitchen setups. Envisage Kitchen & Tiles Trading LLC have noticed a lot of mistakes most people make when setting up their kitchen and we are here to help you avoid these mistakes.

You could make your kitchen look beautiful and enjoy your cooking space by avoiding these few things.

Measurement of Appliances

Measurement of your appliances is extremely important because things like refrigerators can cause obstructions and prevent you from opening cabinets and making the place look clustered. Every kitchen appliance should be measured, even the little things like microwaves, and ensure your kitchen can accommodate all your appliances because even these things can make your place look clustered and tight when not provided with adequate space.

Circulation Space

Having enough circulation space is important, one thing people forget about is the amount of space left to allow you freely move around, some tend to place a big kitchen island counter which can restrict movement and also restrict the number of people that can be in the Kitchen at the same time and make the space look cramped so make sure when installing a kitchen island counter or while designing your kitchen you consider the size and space. Your setup should fit your space.


Lighting is everything even when it comes to your kitchen. The perfect way to get good lighting is by placing the lights directly over your counters, so you would be able to get a better view of what you are doing in the night. Also, the windows are important because they bring lighten during the daytime, so ensure the windows lighting is also topnotch.
This lighting also beautifies your kitchen and makes it much better looking.

Putting all this into consideration you could avoid these common mistakes and make your kitchen just as perfect as you want.
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