If you are serious about increasing returns from investment, then you can rationally consider obtaining citizenship from Cyprus. The citizenship offers you a plethora of opportunities that you can dig into and invest in sectors lucrative for your business. You receive lots of tax benefits and other government support to strengthen your business prospects in Cyprus and beyond, like in other countries in the EU. But before all these, you should know about the definite process of procuring a Cyprus investor visa from the concerned authority. There are some defined steps that you need to diligently follow to get the visa in a hassle-free manner.

Step 1: Register for Residency

At the very start of the process, you must keep in mind the fundamental step. It is all about registering yourself for Cyprus residency. A fact that you should note is you require at least a period of 6 months for obtaining citizenship from Cyprus. Hence, registration is a mandatory measure that you can’t avoid. This helps you to expedite the overall administrative procedures of obtaining a Cypriot citizenship. But you must also take this into consideration that you need to pay a visit to the nation for everything to be put in place, without delays.

Step 2: Choose the Investment Route

You should be very clear about the exact investment route that you will use and showcase to apply for the Cypriot citizenship. You have to ensure the overall sum of the funds that you are planning to invest in the nation. Also, there are some legal and administrative obligations to be met in this regard. After fulfilling these conditions, the next step is to pay the concerned authorities relevant fees and invest in full, selecting a particular sector or a cluster of sectors.

Step 3: Prepare All the Supporting Documents

It is obvious that you need to prepare all types of supporting documents in order to apply for the Cypriot citizenship. That includes your business credentials and tax history. Also, financial statements are extremely essentially to be documented in this context.

Step 4: Submit the Applications

After you have initially registered yourself with the authorities and prepared well with relevant documents, it is the time to fill in your application and submit it.

Step 5: Await Official Acceptance

You have to wait for a few weeks for your application to be accepted to get citizenship.

Step 6: Issuance of Passport

Finally, your Cypriot passport gets issues and as an investor you become successful to procure a visa.


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