In UAE and especially in Dubai, the importance of access control systems is growing at an accelerated rate. Business and homeowners are beginning to realize the power of becoming tech-savvy and prepared in matters of security. From protecting private and Secret business information to protecting your home assets and family members, the system of access control solutions Dubai plays a huge role in daily lifestyle. The key here is to seek the service from a reputed UAE-based service provider. There are 3 major varieties of such systems, as discussed in this article.

The DAC System

The Discretionary Access Control System helps you to decide which visitors are permitted in, physically or through digital provisions, in your office premises. Moreover, these are security measures implemented by this system specific to a location. Among all systems, the DAC is arguably the least complex and restrictive. If you own this system, then you enjoy an absolute control on its various features and wide spectrum of utilities. It has a drawback with regards to giving absolute control to the end user of the system. The permission is processed through various programs. There are chances of the system being affected by malware.

The MAC System

The Mandatory Access Control System is centered on focusing on data and similar sensitive information. The confidentiality and safety of data-related assets and properties are taken care of via this highly advanced system. The equipment and the programs related focus on an elevated security level of a specific facility. The owner or owners and authorized custodians have the required access controls to operate and monitor the system. The system classifies and labels the end users, following certain security guidelines.

The RBAC System

The Rule-Based Access Control system has a tremendous demand and is the most popular of all the 3 systems. Mainly homeowners are the consumers of this variant. The system administrator has the required access controls of the security system. Access is granted to particular job titles, rather than individuals. Nowadays, businesses in UAE are also getting interested in using this system to revamp their security infrastructure.

Which System Suits Your Needs?

It depends on the exact functionality that you want from the system. As a homeowner or a businessman or a banker, the discretion is under your judgment.

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